What would you change about the new MacBook Pro?

If Apple had asked you what you wanted on the new MacBook Pro, what would you have told them?

Apple has just announced its 2016 MacBook Pro lineup and I’ve shared both my take on the Touch Bar and my first look at the 13-inch. It’s a bold new machine that pushes the future of displays, ports, and input, but it’s also one that risks leaving many traditional Mac users behind. Whether that’s ultimately good or bad, we’ll have to wait in see. For now, it’s your turn. What would you have done differently for the new MacBook Pro?

Would you have held on tighter to the past?

  • Kept at least one legacy USB-A port
  • Kept at least one legacy Thunderbolt 2 port
  • Kept SDHC card slot
  • Kept MagSafe
  • Kept old-style MacBook Pro keyboard
  • Kept the track pad smaller
  • Brought back 17-inch model

Or would you have pushed even further?

  • Make the main Mac display multitouch
  • Redesign macOS to be touch- and finger-friendly
  • Add Apple Pencil support
  • Put OLED display in Trackpad instead of Touch Bar
  • Make Touch Bar Force Touch and Taptic
  • Waited for Kaby Lake
  • Had a graphics option powerful enough to drive VR headsets

Intel announcing a new chipset is a long way from Apple working with them to customize and integrate everything into a new Mac, so sometimes what we get is what timelines allow. Philosophy also plays a huge part though, and right now Apple execs are adamant about macOS and vertical screens not being ideal for touch.

But that’s what they think. What do you think?

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