WATCH THIS: Every iPhone model benchmarked

Video shows 15 iPhones competing against each other on speed, sound and camera

After a year of living with a smartphone, you might find yourself no longer as smitten with your mobile companion, and longing for the latest upgrade. At these points it’s sensible to stop, take a breath and consider exactly how far phone design has come in the past decade.

No device shows the progress more than the iPhone, and although its design markers remain pretty similar (the big round home button and large touchscreen), things have gotten a hell of a lot better. This video from EverythingApplePro demonstrates that nicely, as he sets all 15 iPhones against one another in a series of benchmarks from bootup time to how loud the audio output can get.

The results aren’t always as even as you’d expect. The iPhone 7 Plus running iOS 10 takes longer to boot than the iPhone 5s, coming in eighth overall, for example, but in terms of raw power, the graph is exactly as you’d expect with a Geekbench score of 143 for the first iPhone rising to 3,437 on the iPhone 7.

It’s not exactly scientific, of course, what with each handset capped to a final version of iOS it can run before retirement, but it makes for interesting watching in any case.

You could run similar tests on other devices and (presumably) get similar results, of course, but the iPhone is the perfect test case for this: most years there are only one or two models (Samsung’s Galaxy family just keeps growing) and its iconic design has remained so consistent enough over the last nine years that – until iOS 10 – you could do this with every model:

Mmmm, satisfying.

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