Video games benefit from fewer microtransactions — here’s why

Recently, microtransactions have replaced many standard unlock systems in games. Here’s why traditional progression systems are better and should stay. Microtransactions aren’t exactly a new concept in the gaming industry — they’ve been around for over 10 years. Despite that, though, loot box-oriented systems have become increasingly aggressive in recent years, with games like Halo […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 review

It’s well over two years since we were first treated with Samsung’s Galaxy tab S 8.4 and it was a device we immediately fell in love with. It’s a little tricky to find nowadays, considering Samsung has forgotten about it and have since been pointing their focus at newer tablets. If you can pick it […]

Major YouTube audio-ripping site agrees to shut down after getting sued by labels

According to TorrentFreak, a proposed final judgment has been reached between audio-ripping site and a collection of record labels including UMG, Sony Music, and Warner Bros. Although the document has not yet been signed by a judge, it indicates a decision in favor of the labels, with an undisclosed settlement fee and an order […]