Best kids’ tablet 2017: Keep your kids entertained with the most child-friendly tablets from £50

A tablet can be a great way of introducing your little one to technology. It’s not just another source of entertainment: a tablet can expand your child’s world, giving them access to thousands of apps designed to make education both fun and enriching. From language learning and science quizzes to spelling puzzles and “edutainment” games, […]

Motorola’s big stumbles of 2017

Products launched without software updates When you buy a phone and it ends up only getting one update, it’s a huge disappointment, because it means that it becomes obsolete after only just a short while. Motorola takes this to the next level by launching devices that will never be upgraded. The Moto E4 Plus was launched […]

Google Pixel Buds review

I wonder if Google knew, when it announced the Pixel Buds at its smartphone launch event in October, that they’d steal the show. Everyone was buzzing about Google’s “Babel Fish”, the dream of real-time translation realized in these tiny Bluetooth headphones. Except really, it wasn’t. Rather, Google was just doing what the Bragi Dash Pro […]