Full Metal Furies Xbox One review: Best co-op experience in years

Though the genre is popular today, role-playing games (RPGs) are rarely multiplayers, especially cooperatively (co-op) so. Most of them tend to emphasize deep storylines set in expansive worlds. Full Metal Furies, though, pushes the status quo. Offering the player several roles reminiscent of those found in mass-multiplayer online (MMO) games, you and your friends will […]

Arms review: Nintendo Switch’s new fighting franchise will hook you

Nintendo’s boxing-based slugger is far more than a Wii Boxing sequel Pros Wonderfully creative fighter Uses Joy Cons to full potential Cons Lack of active playerbase There’s one thing about Arms that really bothers me. Why does everyone have springy arms? What’s happened in this sick, twisted, colourful world to result in people fighting each other with […]