Oppo F1 review

Oppo’s F1 smartphone wants to make your selfies look perfect with its killer selfie cam, but does the rest of the phone live up to expectations? We find out in our review. The post Oppo F1 review appeared first on Digital Trends. Thank you have visited this post Oppo F1 review. We wish could be […]

OPPO F1s – zapowiedź nowego chińskiego smartfona do selfie

  Już OPPO F1 był telefonem stworzonym do zdjęć z przedniej kamerki, o czym możemy dowiedzieć się na jego oficjalnej stronie internetowej. Niebawem pojawi się następca tego modelu. Chińska firma OPPO pokazała parę dni temu zdjęcia zapowiadające nowego smartfona – smartfona OPPO F1s. Jest on reklamowany jako urządzenie specjalnie dla fanów selfie.   Według przecieków, […]

Oppo F1 Plus review

Pop quiz: Which phone company launched big and small versions of its gorgeous, all-metal, flagship smartphone? It’s most likely you’ll say, “Apple,” but in this case, you’d be wrong. We’re talking about Oppo and its flagship twins the F1 and the F1 Plus. Oppo isn’t terribly subtle about the mimicry, either, because its F1 Plus […]

Company behind Blu-ray players ceases development

After releasing a number of stunning high-end products, including two Ultra HD Blu-ray players, the UDP-203 and UDP-205, Oppo Digital has announced that it’s ceasing development of all new products.  The news will come as a blow to the enthusiast AV community, who have grown to love the feature-packed nature of Oppo Digital’s high-end disc […]

Vodafone Smart Ultra 7 review

THE VODAFONE SMART ULTRA 7, with its bargain bin price and decent specs, has the potential to outsmart its rivals. After all, the Smart Ultra 6 was praised by tech tastemakers up and down the land in 2015, so it seems feasible that Vodafone can pull it off successfully again. Let’s take a look. DesignThe Vodafone […]

Watch the world's largest Christmas tree unveiling filmed on an iPhone 7 Plus!

What a great sight! When significant events happen, photographers and videographers often use expensive SLRs to capture the proceedings, but increasingly those tools are becoming less necessary. To wit, Toronto-based photographer Matt Barnes took his iPhone 7 Plus and a handy phone tripod to Toronto’s Eaton Centre this week to capture the unveiling of the […]

iOS 10 first impressions

APPLE LAUNCHED the first public beta of the upcoming iOS 10 operating system last week, and we’ve shunned the firm’s advice not to load it onto our main device and taken the software for a spin on our everyday iPhone 6.  Related: How to install the iOS 10 public beta iOS 10 doesn’t offer a […]