How to turn off location tracking on Android

There’s often a trade-off between privacy and convenience when it comes to technology. The same location sensing that tells you there’s a good coffee shop nearby or that automatically displays your boarding card at the airport can also be used for ill. Here’s how to turn off Android location tracking if you no longer want […]

Asus ZenBook UX430UA review

THERE’S NO SHORTAGE of ultrabooks in the PC market, with companies endlessly cranking out slim Windows 10 machines, making it difficult to keep track of the latest models and choose a laptop that’s right for you. Some ultraportables try to break the mould while others stick with a tried and tested formula that’s not going […]

Huawei is reportedly working on an Android alternative

Chinese manufacturer Huawei has been developing an alternative mobile operating system since 2012, according to the South China Morning Post. The strategy was implemented to prepare for “worst case scenarios”, the website claims, after the company was investigated for selling embargoed US technology to Iran in 2012. And apparently it’s got operating systems for tablets […]