Sun Next App – SUN TV Network launches Sun NXT app for Android and iOS at Rs. 480 per year

sunnxt com, sunnext com, Sun Next App Download, Sun NXT App Download, Sunnextapp, Sunnxtapp – Following the trails of Star TV Network’s Hotstar app, Amazon Prime and Netflix, South India’s largest television network SUN TV has launched its OTT product, tagged Sun Nxt. Kalanithi Maran’s daughter Kavya Maran, who is now foreseeing the company’s administration […]


Occupation VR appxbundle UWP

win – 10 SIZE – VERSION – 212 MB First and Third Person Shooter. Stop zombie invasion and save your girl from zombie’s hands! • Open 3D World to explore • Day/Night cycle to make a more immerse game • 11 different types of zombies and monsters • Allied NPCs to help you VS […]


Huawei Honor 9: Our first take

The Honor 9 looks so good, it could hang on the wall of an art gallery; but can the tech match the looks? The latest from Huawei’s sister brand packs in the right specs, and at a very competitive price. We’re impressed, and think you will be too. The post Huawei Honor 9: Our first […]