Mobile Nations Weekly: Pokémon Going

If you’re reading this you’re not catching ’em all.

I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but there’s this new game called Pokémon Go and well, everyone is playing it. Everyone. Including you.

Out now for Android and iPhone, Pokémon Go brings the classic Pokémon into the modern smartphone world. Not only do you capture and train your Pokémon to fight others, but you can actually go out into the world and capture Pokémon — it is perhaps the most intrinsically mobile of games.

Apart from that, Verizon fiddled with their data plans, giving customers more data but demanding more money in the process — at least there’s now roll-over data and throttled overages. Speaking of Verizon, the launch-exclusive Moto Z Droid Edition and Moto Z Droid Edition are coming on July 14.

BlackBerry killed the BB10-powered Classic, but don’t fear — the BlackBerry keyboard is here to stay. And even though it seems like WWDC 2016 was only a few short weeks ago, but the public betas for iOS 10 and macOS Sierra are now available for you to download and try.

New builds and rumors abounded for the Windows crowd, with fresh Windows 10 Anniversary Update builds for PC And Mobile and the addition of double-tap to wake on the Lumia 950. Rumors are continuing to swirl about the next Surface, supposedly due in the fall, and the anticipated HP Elite x3 will evidently come in blingy gold.

1. CrackBerry — The keyboard life

BlackBerry Classic keyboard close-up

If you thought last week’s news of the U.S. Senate dropping BlackBerry caught attention, it was nothing compared to the news BlackBerry put out this week confirming something CEO John Chen initially mentioned back in April – the discontinuation of the BlackBerry Classic. While many outlets ran their typical ‘BlackBerry is dead’ articles, BlackBerry also confirmed users have nothing to fear, the keyboard is here to stay. Odd how the follow-up comments went largely ignored. In OS news, BlackBerry pushed out the July 5 security update for Priv owners and a new 10.3.2 build has appeared for those who are willing to manually install it.

2. Android Central — Pokemon GOOOOO

Now that Pokemon Go is finally fully open and available, we’re getting to see the wave of awesomeness wash over everyone. Our full Pokemon Go game guide is a great place to start your adventure! And hey, don’t download and side-load Pokemon Go APKs.

As we expected, Verizon rolled out changes to its plan structure this week. Plans are getting price bumps, but also data bumps, across the board — and there’s a new feature called Safety Mode that’ll throttle back your data speeds instead of charging you overages … of course, you’ll have to pay $5 for the privilege unless you’re on an XL or XXL plan. For those who want to stick with Verizon, the carrier will unveil its pricing and availability for the Moto Z Droid Edition and Moto Z Droid Edition on July 14.

After a little bit of a hiccup, the OnePlus 3’s latest OTA update has resumed its rollout, bringing lots of fixes and a couple new features. And for our friends over in the UK, now’s the time to buy a OnePlus 3 before the price hikes up thanks to a weaker pound.

3. iMore — They’re here! They’re here!

Pokemon Go!

Apple has released the long-anticipated betas for both iOS 10 and macOS Sierra and iMore has everything you need to know to prepare, download, use, and — if it doesn’t work out! — downgrade to and from the new software!

Oh, you thought we were talking about Pokemon Go? Yes, that’s finally here to! We have all the Pokemon Go tips and tricks you need to know, and we’ll even show you how to track and find nearby Pokemon.

5. VR Heads — The cheap GPUs are coming!

AMD RX 480

The biggest hurdle to getting yourself ready for Desktop-class VR is the cost of entry, and a lot of that cost comes from the video card. Thanks to new entries from AMD and NVIDIA, that barrier is slowly coming down. We’ve also got another point leaning towards Apple doing something with AR or VR in the not-so distant future, which is exciting!

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