Mobile Nations Weekly: MrMobile!

Say hello to the one, the only, the MrMobile.

Michael Fisher is back in action, ladies and gentlemen! As the one and only MrMobile, he’ll be bringing to YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram his own unique take on the latest and greatest in technology.

MrMobile launched officially with the above amazing video, plus a review of the new OnePlus 3, a nerdy in-depth examination of the Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator, and a look at Tesla’s EV offerings.

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1. CrackBerry — Earnings time

This week, BlackBerry held their annual meeting of shareholders and announced their Q1 2017 earnings. With all of that being in play, BlackBerry CEO John Chen also hit the media circuit to discuss the earnings, BlackBerry’s future and more.

3. iMore — Thunderbolted

Apple Talk 07: WWDC 2016 aftermath

It’s been a week since WWDC 2013 came to an end, but the beta period has just begun. From now until the fall, Apple will be releasing developer betas for iOS 10, macOS Sierra, watchOS 3, and tvOS 10, likely on the company’s usual two week cycle. That’s a lot of betas and a lot of time, but we’ll need all of it to really dig in and go over what it all does and, more importantly, what it all means.

Oh, and Apple just discontinued its Thunderbolt Display. But don’t worry, we’ve already rounded up the best Thunderbolt alternatives, and the best 4K displays for Mac.

4. Tesla Central — Solar buy-out

Tesla surprised everybody — the markets, customers, and their target — with a $2.7 billion offer to buy SolarCity. Tesla CEO Elon Musk (who is also Chairman of SolarCity), explained the acquisiton as “a no-brainer” and the only way to build an end-to-end clean energy company.

But not everybody is buying it, so to speak. Tesla and SolarCity are both loaded with billions of dollars in debt and face equally arduous paths to profitability. But, should it work out, Musk thinks that the combined Tesla could someday be worth a trillion dollars. (We’ll see.)

In the near-term, however, Tesla’s big project is stil the Model 3, and we for the first time got a good look at the interior of a Model 3 prototype. It’s a spartan layout and we can’t guarantee that the production car will look the same, though the uniquely clean design bodes well for the future of Autopilot. But if you want a car that won’t change appearance, might we suggest you enter in Tesla Central’s Model S (for kids by Radio Flyer) giveaway?.

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5. VR Heads — Everyone’s excited and things are great

The best Alienware PCs for VR

There’s a whole lot of smiling and adventure happening in the VR Heads world right now. PlayStation VR demo stations have started arriving around the world, our post E3 coverage has ended in some interesting hands-ons, and it turns out IKEA has a wierd and wonderful VR experience.

Check out all of the eyes on adventures we’ve had!

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