Microsoft Surface Phone Concept Looks Good and Bad at the Same Time

With Microsoft remaining quite tight-lipped on the future of Windows phones, everyone hopes the rumored Surface Phone to be real, as a new flagship model could breathe life into the platform and provide us with a reason to continue using Windows 10 Mobile.

And because Microsoft doesn’t say a thing about the Surface Phone, it’s up to our imagination to envision what the phone could look like and this is exactly what designer Bartlomiej Tarnowski from Poland tries to do in a new concept.

The Surface Phone concept that you see here imagines a super productive Windows 10 Mobile device that has almost no side bezels and comes with support for a Type Cover and a Surface Pen.

Available for the Surface lineup of tablets, the Type Cover provides instant conversion to a laptop and the same thing could be made possible in the case of the Surface Phone as well. Obviously, the reduced size of the screen could limit Microsoft’s efforts to achieve this goal, but having a Type Co… (read more)
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