Microsoft Expresses Its Love for Windows Phones Once Again

If you’re a Microsoft watcher, you probably heard those rumors claiming that the demise of the Lumia brand is very close, while the firm itself is losing interest in mobile.

And although Microsoft is most of the time tight-lipped on its mobile plans, there are moments when various company executives reiterate the commitment to Windows 10 Mobile, and this is exactly what happened at the Ignite conference recently.

A slide presented during a session called “Discover what’s next for Windows 10 Mobile” puts the emphasis on “Microsoft’s commitment to Windows 10 Mobile,” explaining that the firm plans “increased focus on mobility experiences in Windows” and “continued investments in differentiated first-party devices and device ecosystem.”

Furthermore, the slide also included a quote by Windows boss Terry Myerson, who confirms Windows 10 Mobile still has a place i… (read more)
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