iPhone 7 vs iPhone 6S specs comparison

THE IPHONE 7 is now official and, just as many had expected, is an incremental update to last year’s iPhone 6S.

It does have some new bits and bobs, though, including a refreshed design, new processor, upgraded cameras and a longer lasting battery, according to Apple. 

We’ve put together a round-up of the key specs to see how the iPhone 7 compares with its iPhone 6S predecessor. 

Measurements, weight and design
iPhone 7: 138x67x7.1mm, 138g
iPhone 6S: 138x67x7.1mm, 143g

The iPhone 7 just takes this one, as it has managed to shave 5g off the weight, possibly by removing the headphone jack. Otherwise, the dimensions are the same, and the design is broadly identical. 

One difference is the new Black and Jet Black colour schemes, although the Jet Black version is available only on 128GB and 256GB models. What’s more, Apple has admitted that, thanks to its glossy finish, you might find it prone to picking up scratches. 

iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7

The biggest change is that the device has IP67 certification, which means it’s resistant to dust and water – to a degree. This could save a lot of people the next time their phone takes a swim in the sink, loo or a pint glass.

Another major design change is the ditching of the headphone jack. Instead, headphones are connected via Apple’s proprietary Lightning port, Bluetooth or the firm’s new wireless standard.

iPhone 7: 4.7in 1334×750 resolution at 326ppi, with 3D Touch
iPhone 6S: 4.7in 1334×750 resolution at 326ppi with 3D Touch

Things remain the same in terms of the display which could disappoint those hoping for an increase in pixels per inch, especially as the Apple Watch Series 2 was given a boost in screen quality.

However, Apple claimed that the screen is 25 per cent brighter, so if you really enjoy burning your retinas, you can do so.

iPhone 7: 64-bit Apple Fusion A10
iPhone 6S: 64-bit A9 chip

Apple has given its processor chip a new moniker, Fusion, and as usual touted it as a major upgrade on the previous model with faster performance and better graphics handling.

Apple also said that a new GPU offers 50 per cent faster graphics than before, while a new performance controller makes for improved efficiency. Apple has claimed an extra hour of battery life compared with last year’s model.

Operating system
iPhone 7: iOS 10
iPhone 6S: iOS 9, with option to upgrade to iOS 10

The iPhone 7 will run iOS 10 out of the box, and should outperform older iPhones, even the iPhone 6S, by having tighter integration between hardware and software.

iOS 10 Messages app

Anyone with an iPhone 5 or above will be able to update to iOS 10 on 13 September.

iPhone 7: 12MP rear-facing, 7MP front-facing
iPhone 6S: 12MP rear-facing, 5MP front-facing

Not a lot has changed here, and the iPhone 7 and iPhone 6S both have 12MP rear-facing cameras. Apple claimed some improvements thanks to the new f/1.8 lens, six-element lens for sharper pictures, and Quad-LED True Tone flash that provides 50 per cent more light than before.

In some ways this is a disappointment, as the iPhone 7 Plus has a new dual-lens camera with 2x optical and 10x digital zoom, but this won’t appear on the iPhone 7.

However, the 7MP front-facing camera is a notable step up and should appeal to the selfie brigade.

iPhone 7: 1,960mAh
iPhone 6S: 1,715mAh

New iPhone equals bigger battery. This is no doubt a good thing, although the boost in processor and screen brightness will limit the benefit this provides.

Nonetheless, Apple claims that the new handset will last up to two hours longer than the iPhone 6S. 

iPhone 7: 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, no microSD
iPhone 6S: 16GB, 64GB, 128GB, no microSD

This is one of the biggest changes, as for yonks people have been crying out for a 256GB option, especially given the lack of a microSD card slot. Apple has responded, and this will be a welcome boost for those always filling up their phones with photos, videos, apps and so on.

First impressions
Unsurprisingly, the iPhone 7 beats the iPhone 6S, but only just. It’s a little lighter, with a longer battery life and bigger storage options.

For those on the iPhone 6S, there may not be quite enough to tempt you to upgrade, especially if it will cost a chunk of change to do so. And with iOS 10 arriving to add all kinds of new OS features to the iPhone 6S, it may be worth waiting for the iPhone 8.

However, if you splash the cash, you will get enough new benefits to justify to yourself at least that it was worth moving to the newest device, and if you get it in one of the new colours everyone will know you’re the coolest guy or gal in town. µ

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