Memory management blue screen error is another issue for windows users. It can ruin your day and hamper your important works. This is a very old problem. Recently, A good numbers of windows 10 users are facing it. In paste, Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 users encountered it. It seems the old terror has returned again. Many users complained that they faced it first after windows 10 anniversary update. It is not a matter, When you started to face it. The matter is to know the ways how to fix it.

screenshot memory management bsod error

What Cause MEMORY_MANAGEMENT Blue Screen Error:

Any, BSOD error appears when windows can’t recognize or fail to handle any services. But, There are several reasons. Here they are –

  • Problematic Drivers.
  • Third party software.
  • Memory problems.
  • Incorrect logical structure of HDD.

We can describe more things as culprit. But these are the very common reasons.


The signs and symptoms are very common like other BSODs. It appears suddenly and shows you the blue screen and the error name “Memory Management”. You BSODs are also known as stop error. This problem also comes with an stop error code 0x0000001a or any similar codes. Statistics says, This problem mostly occurs when you are downloading anything by any torrent software like uTorrent or BitTorrent. Else, It may occur while opening any resource hungry software or applications.

Fix Memory Management BSOD:

Okay, I’ve described the reasons and symptoms of it. Now, It is time to know the solution. Actually, When it comes repeatedly, You should find out the correct reason behind memory management BSOD that you are facing. It will make easier to troubleshoot it. You can follow the basic methods given below. If you want to follow the most advanced way to fix it and you can’t wait, In that case, You can click: Best Method to Fix MEMORY_MANAGEMENT BSOD.

Restart and Safe Mode:

Sometimes, A simple restart can save your time. When you face this blue screen of death, Your PC should be restarted automatically. If not, You can wait. If it stucks on collecting information stage, You can consider force shut down and restarting. After doing it, You may no longer encounter the error. You can boot into safe mode and then normal mode, If you face it again. Hope, Your problem is not serious and it will fix everything.

Update Drivers:

I’m sure, You don’t like this solution and you are bored. Because, There are so many peoples recommended it to you. Updating driver can be helpful, If memory management error is cause by any outdated driver failure. Sometimes, You may face it, When you are downloading any files by download manager and utorrent. It occurs when your download speed is ultra first. Personally, I faced it everytime i downloaded any big files by torrent software and speed was around 40/45 mbps. Then, I just updated drivers specially the wireless driver. I was lucky that i could resolve my problem.

Run chkdsk Command:

Hard disk bed sector sometimes cause some memory problems. Which can cause memory management stop error. In that case, Running chkdsk command can be helpful.

  • You can press CTRL + X from keyboard and choose Command Prompt (Admin)
  • Now, Type chkdsk /f C: and hit Enter.
  • You may be asked for rebooting PC. Just press and hit enter.
  • Now, Your PC will automatically scan and fix some basic problems of your hard disk partition.

If you want to learn more about it, You can read: Find & Fix Hard Disk Problems

Run SFC and DISM Comment to Get Rid of Memory Management Error:

Another excellent working method is running SFC and DISM command. It find and fixes corrupted system files of Windows. Though it may take a few minutes to 1 or 2 hours to complete the full process. You can learn how to do it, From this article.

Fix Memory Problems:

RAM problem can cause any BSOD. So, When you want to fix memory management blue screen error, You can consider this method. To know more, Read: Find and Fix Memory Problems

The Best Solution to Fix Memory Management BSOD: Analyzing Minidump File

I already described this method in several articles. Windows comes with its own diagnostic features. It can creates error logs and store it in your PC. If you have some good knowledge on windows PC, You can easily find out the reason behind your blue screen of death error. To know more, Read: Create Small Minidump File

In the mentioned article, I’ve recommended a small program called BlueScreen Viewer. After creating the small minidump file according to the instructions of that article, You can view these dump files by this software. It will indicate the errors and the culprit system files and drivers. Please, Look at the screenshot and see the highlighted area.

bluescreen viewer minidump file

See, I’ve faced two blue screen of death errors. One is SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED and another on is MEMORY_MANAGEMENT. I’ve selected the second error which is our focus point. Then, BlueScreen Viewer is showing two system file names highlighted. bcmwl63a.sys and ntoskrnl.exe. That means, These are the culprit.

How I Fixed My Problem:

bcmwl63a.sys file is associated with Broadcom 802.11 Network Adapter wireless driver developed by Broadcom Corporation. ntoskrnl is the shortform of Windows NT operating system kernel. As, I faced blue screen problem, During downloading a big files by utorrent and my problem is caused by a wireless driver, I was sure there was something wrong. I just reinstalled it. It fixed my problem. You may ask me what about the ntoskrnl.exe. Our above steps are the solution for it. It caused problem when your CPU is overloaded due to some driver problems. It may have some other reasons. I will discuss it in another article.

Note: If you don’t understand the culprit files meaning, Just search on google. Alternatively, You can upload your dump file to onedrive and submit the link to Microsoft Forum by seeking for help. Any, Official person will help you to troubleshoot.

Alternative Ways:

If all of your efforts fail, You want to reset PC. Yes, You can. But, I recommend you to do a system restore at first. Then, You can reset or reinstall your PC.

Thank you have visited this post How to Fix MEMORY MANAGEMENT BSOD Error. I wish this post can be useful for you… 🙂

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