Grab a Nexus 5X for just £169

 The Google Nexus 5X is one of the best phones around — at this price, it’s a steal

Update: Yesterday we reported that Carphone Warehouse were selling the Nexus 5X for £169 until midnight. Well, they’ve extended the offer for an unspecified time. So you can still grab one, bargain fans. At the time of writing, the black Nexus 5X is out of stock, but you can still grab one in white or the branch exlusive ‘Ice Blue’.

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The Google Nexus 5X currently sits sixth in our best smartphones table. That is when considered at its RRP of £299 for the 16GB version or £379 for the 32GB model.

So if a retailer were to offer the Nexus 5X for £169 and £229 respectively, you should really sit up and take notice. The Carphone Warehouse is doing just that.

Google Nexus 5X review: Side and rear

You’ll have to act quickly, mind. The offer ends tonight at midnight, and I imagine they’ll be getting a lot of interest in the handset. As Jon wrote in his review: “the camera is fantastic, the performance is fast and it doesn’t overheat and throttle.”

“The software is also clean and simple, and Google and LG have squeezed in most of the components a modern smartphone needs, the one exception being that microSD slot.”

If you um and ah too long, and miss the Carphone Warehouse’s offer, you can do almost as well via Argos, of course. They have the 16GB Nexus 5X for £179.95, which is almost as good, but will leave you £9.95 less to spend on a nice case. Which you may want, because powerful as it is, it isn’t the best-looking handset out there.

Buy the Google Nexus 5X for £169 from Carphone Warehouse.

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