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MATCH & COLLECT gumballs on an island-hopping puzzle adventure and help Crash the dodo bird fly his way home! Dodo birds can’t fly…until now! Gumballs are raining from the sky and have piled up everywhere. Tap groups of matching colors to feed them to Crash. With enough gumballs, Crash can blow a bubble big enough to carry him to the next island, and closer to home.

Dodo Pop
Dodo Pop


• MATCH & POP bunches of colorful gumballs .
• EXPLORE 140 levels on tropical islands .
• COLLECT gumballs for Crash — in cherry, apple and other fruity flavors.
• POWER-UP with a Strike One and Rainbow Splash.
• BREAK through obstacles like ice, locked gumballs, and giant gumballs in 7 different game types.
• EARN 3 stars in each level to measure your mastery.

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Dodo Pop XAP Windows Phone

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