BBM video calling now supported on iOS and Android globally


I’m with you @pineapple2067. But around here if you have an idea that makes sense or criticize Chen you’re called an armchair CEO and told Chen is saving Blackberry and to STFU. Can’t spend a dime on advertising. Can’t price it right. That would be anti-blackberry.

I want to check back with these people once Blackberry is dead and see how they defend Chen then.

My definitiom of BB is hardware. I could care less what they do with everything else. That isn’t BB to me. It makes no difference to me. My Blackberry died the day Chen took over. Would have been better if Heinz shut the place down or sold it.

Chen is arrogant and stubborn and won’t do anything to save BB. He was the harbinger of death. He brought Blackberry to its end.

Anyone who thinks Chen is saved Blackberry belongs in a hospital bed with an IV thorazine drip stuck in their arm.

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