Alcatel IDOL 4S Windows Phone Leaked via T-Mobile

T-Mobile has recently leaked the new Alcatel IDOL 4S running Windows 10 Mobile, suggesting that the release is very near – albeit no information was included in the leak, except for the typical “coming soon†message.

Although the IDOL 4S Windows phone listing has already been removed, Dave Gershgorn managed to take some screenshots, which you can also find in the gallery attached to the article.

We’ve seen the Alcatel IDOL 4S before, so in terms of visuals, there’s nothing too surprising, as the company previously launched an Android version in the summer.

And as it turns out, Microsoft is working with them on creating a Windows 10 Mobile version that would debut with a VR headset – the Android version also included a VR headset, but it’s believed that Microsoft’s version would feature all the capabilities that the company announced at its October 26 event.

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