AE Master Moto XAP for Windows Phone

Screenshot_132**What’s new in Halloween gift AE Master Moto is the latest extreme dirt bike racing game released by AE Mobile in 2014, with astonishing graphics and amazing levels, such gamers who like adventures and challenges as you must not miss this addictive game! Make the rider perform a series of breathtaking moves and surmount all obstacles to satisfy your need for challenges. Game Features: -Astonishing 3D scenes: Factory, Ruin, City, Street… and more will be added. -Motos with various styles: Speedy, Flexibility, Light weighted… for different play style. -Multi control methods: switch between button and tile at anytime. -Save/Load function, you can leave the embarassment and annoyance of repeating actions behind. If you like 3D motorcycle or car games, wait no more and enjoy this addictive game immediately! Game skills: -Press left/right button or tilt your device to control the rotation of the bike. -Press throttle/break button to accelerate/stop the bike. -Balance your bike to get the max speed. -Use jump button to jump, the higher speed, the higher jump. -Feel it too difficult to get through? Save your position before taking the challenge, you can load this position as soon as failed for unlimited times.

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AE Master Moto XAP for Windows Phone

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