ACG Player AppxBundle for Windows phone 10

Require – windows 10, wp 10

version – 1.7.568.0

size – 30 MB



A universal media player for Win10 PC/Tablet/Phone (UWP), with many features which iOS and Android players do not have! Pure native C++ high performance code.
Art Font subtitle, super cool music visualizer art effects, audio effects, video effects — Art Computer Graphics (ACG).

This is full version of Ax-Lite Player. App is FREE without function limitation!
Added IAP to remove ads as users request, it has nothing to do with app function.

Supports gesture, background music, subtitles, MKV… see Features.
DLNA/UPnP: (1). Play to devices (all supported); (2). Play files on Media Server (API not supported by phone system).
Simple & Green.

Currently it uses simple UI, you can custom panel buttons. Since it’s still under development, functions can change (add/remove, FFmpeg DLL may update and change) at any time. And currently I won’t add more languages(hard to maintain).
This app is just a lite player, I do not write decoder, it uses system(sdk component) and free FFmpeg(unmodifiable, under LGPL) to decode data automatically. I think it should support system player default formats, but I don’t know how many does FFmpeg(WinRT) support. It should support most common formats, but it will not support all formats, just try, if not supported, I can do nothing to it. . The target of the app is to show my new tech & features for media playback, not to support as many formats as possible. Thanks.

▶▶▶ Please make sure you have read all the instructions and options in the app, or just ask me by mail. I may not see all the reviews. Thank you very much!!!


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