​Best smart home security cameras

The smart home brings with it more than just smart lights and thermostats. Consumer-level security is part of the trend, as well.

Whether you invest in a full-featured, multi-camera system, or a simple mounted camera at your front door, there are many ways you can keep an eye on your home while you are away from it.

It’s still a jumbled market, with a variety of competing products and standards, so to help you cut through the noise we’ve picked out 10 of the best smart home security camera systems for you to take a look at.

From the basic to the comprehensive, you should find something to match your budget and needs.

Nest Cam Outdoor

Best smart home security cameras

Looking a lot like a beefed up, white, version of the popular indoor Nest Cam (more on that later), the Outdoor Cam offers a 130-degree field of view and is, of course, weatherproof as it’s designed for outdoor mounting.

In fact, it’s not just the camera that’s weatherproof. The main part boasts an IP65 rating but the cables and adapters carry an IP67 rating so they can survive being immersed in water for half an hour.

Offering Full HD 1080p recording, night vision and talk and listen functions, like its indoor brethren, it boasts the new Person Alerts, which distinguishes between regular motion and a person coming into view.

£179, | Amazon


Best smart home security cameras

Blink has a lot going for it. Firstly, it’s cheap and secondly, it’s totally wireless – and we’re not talking Wi-Fi (which the system does have, obviously).

No, the big deal here is that the cameras run on a couple of AA batteries – with a life of span of 2-years (we’re told, we haven’t had ours running that long yet).

Recording is 720p HD and the idea is that you hook up as many Blink cameras as you can to the hub. There are no subscription fees and there are instant alerts when motion is detected to a smartphone running the Blink app.

£129 for the first camera and hub, £89.99 for each camera after that, | Amazon

Netgear Arlo Pro

Best smart home security cameras

Netgear’s Arlo Pro kind of reads like a dream outdoor cam. It’s completely wire-free, using rechargeable batteries that you only have to charge every couple of months. It’s weatherproof. It’s got advanced motion detection and a smart siren. It’s got a lot going on.

Most importantly, it’s just kind of convenient. Its wireless nature means you can place it anywhere. Netgear gives you seven days of free cloud-based video storage, and you can pay for more if you need it. However, you can also plug in to the base station and back up that video locally if you need. Plus, it’s easy to expand if you need to.

£299.99, | Amazon

Netatmo Welcome

Netatmo Welcome cam recognises faces

If you don’t want to fork out a monthly subscription but you’re looking for a futuristic smart security system, try the Netatmo Welcome.

It’s the same price as the Nest Cam in the US, more expensive in Sterling but the Welcome offers you access to your Full HD videos for no extra monthly payment. It also uses proprietary face recognition software so it can recognise your family and friends (once tagged) and instantly alert you with a still when a possible intruder is spotted in the house.

The Netatmo Welcome Tags also compliment the setup with motion sensing door and window features on offer.

£199, | Amazon


Canary packs a whole security system into a sleek box that looks a little bit like a router. The box includes a camera (with night vision and motion detection), accelerometer sensors (to detect tampering) and a speaker and siren.

Any time it spots something out of the ordinary, you get a notification on your phone — the idea is that over time it learns and becomes better at working out what’s ordinary and what isn’t.

If you get an alert, you can tune into the video feed straight away from your smartphone, enabling you to check if it really is a night-time prowler or just your dog who’s set the motion detector off. Temperature and humidity can also be monitored.

£129, | Amazon

Piper nv

“With Piper, you’re always home” is the tagline, and that’s pretty much the idea with this smart home security camera. You can check the live video feed while you’re away, get notifications to your smartphone, and so on.

If you have compatible Z-Wave bits of kit then Piper can control lights and appliances around the home as well (switching lights on and off when you’re on holiday for example). The 180-degree lens means you can see pretty much a whole room at once. There are also no monthly fees.

It can also monitor sound, temperature and brightness for extra peace of mind. Originally funded on Indiegogo, Piper is now available via the normal retail channels.

£242.99, | Amazon

Nest Cam IQ

Best smart home security cameras

The more advanced version of the indoor Nest Cam, the IQ builds on what came before by adding a 4K sensor and HDR imaging. There’s also a powerful new speaker that Nest claims is seven times more powerful. It’s even got three microphones with echo suppression and noise cancelation.

And of course, the IQ has a ton of smarts that it can better utilize with a beefier processor. There’s motion detection and it can tell the difference between a person and a thing. If you spring for the Nest Aware monthly service, you even get people detection and special activity zones.

And because this is a Nest product, it plays well with other Nest products. So if your Nest Protect smoke alarm detects a problem, you can jump into a live feed from your Nest Cam to see what’s up. The Nest Cam IQ is currently available for pre-order, but will start rolling out in the next couple of weeks.


D-Link Omna

Apple and D-Link say the Omna is the first HomeKit-enabled security cam out there, which – if you’re trying to HomeKit out your home – is a pretty huge deal.

As for the rest of the camera, you’ll get a 180-degree field of view, 1080p HD recording, motion detection, two-way audio, night vision and live video. Oh, you can also slot in your own SD card and can set up the Omna to directly record to it if motion is detected.


Logitech Circle 2

Best smart home security cameras

The latest version of the Circle 2 doesn’t change a whole lot internally, but it does have HomeKit and Alexa support. It’s also pretty versatile, as you can use it both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to a bushel of accessories, you’ll be able to mount it almost anywhere. Outside, on your window, walls, plug sockets, you name it. There’s even a weatherproof extension cable you can purchase.

If the D-Link Omna is the first HomeKit security camera, the Circle 2 is definitely the second. And while the Omna is more of an indoor camera, the Circle 2 will give you a much-needed outdoor HomeKit option. The one caveat is that the Circle 2 will not speak to HomeKit when it’s in battery-powered mode due to Apple restrictions. You’ll have to get that extension cord.

£169.99, | Amazon

SwannOne SoundView Indoor Camera

Swan’s connected home security system stands out from the crowd because of its specially designed audio detection algorithms (originally developed for crowd control in US prisons).

The camera, which features 720p high definition video and night vision, recognizes the sound of glass breaking, babies crying, and smoke alarms going off.

For a subscription fee, you can store security feeds in the cloud, but you can connect a hard drive for local storage, too.

£149.99, | Amazon

Samsung SmartCam HD

best security cameras

Samsung’s SmartCam security camera features 1080p Full HD video playback. It has advanced motion and audio detection, which the company claims will understand the difference between a person walking across a room and a plant rustling in the wind.

You can set up audio and motion alerts and view what is happening from the SmartCam app. It has a microSD card slot so you can locally store video feeds. It also has enhanced two-way talk, which lets you communicate with whomever is in the room. So, you can yell at the dog to get off the couch or tell the kids to stop watching TV and do their homework.

The camera is part of the SmartThings platform and, as such, teams up with Sammy’s range of connected sensors for a more complete security package.

£129, | Amazon

Withings Home

Best smart home security cameras

While most of the home security cams on this list are hyper focused on, you know, security, Withings’ (soon to be rebranded Nokia) Home is a little different. It can also monitor your air quality.

I mean, sure, you’ll get notifications when movement or noise is detected – you can connect to your Home from your phone and get a live stream. There are also multiple recording types. So you can watch a time-lapse or a two-day diary of events.

But none of these other security cams are concerned about the security of your air quality, are they? If there’s a pollution spike in your home, Withings’ cam will alert you.

£169, | Amazon

Netatmo Presence

Best smart home security cameras

Going head-to-head with the Nest Cam Outdoor, the Presence is a fully weatherproof camera that you can swap out for your existing outdoor light. In its place, you’ll get a Full HD camera with 100 degree field of view and a 20 metre detection range.

It can detect whether someone or some thing is loitering around your premises, whether to be a person, car or an animal, and An Alert Zone mode lets users set up specific zones for detection and will send out notifications based around those zones.

Video supports pinch-to-zoom and there’s time lapse mode where the camera will collate 1 minute of photos compiled from the last 24 hours filmed by the camera. There’s also integrated floodlights and an infrared vision mode.

£249, | Amazon

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